iPad Mini or iPhone 6: best for on-the-go use of OmniFocus?

I’m choosing between iPhone 6 and iPad Mini as a primary on-the-go device for OmniFocus.

Could you share your experience with either, with any suggestions which device to choose?

By “on-the-go” I mean (a) while walking, (b) transiting via subway trains. Ideally need to process inbox and organize projects, not just feed the Inbox.

I’m currently living with iPhone 4 and iPad 2. iPhone 4 has a way very small fonts for my eyes, and became extremely slow recently.
iPad version of OF is obviously more functional, but the questions are:
= will fonts on iPad Mini be large enough? (on iPad 2 I use “largest-2” Dynamic font size, and that’s not that large
= is Mini really that portable for on-the-go use? I understand that it doesn’t fit into a pocket of jeans, and you need to type with two hands - but is that critical in practice? What else to consider?

Any other relevant thoughts will be appreciated.

I don’t seriously consider iPhone 6+: it seems to combine downsides of both 6 and Mini, with little or no advantages (any experience that disproves this opinion?)

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The iPad mini with OF2 for iPad is what I would use. Organizing your projects and inbox processing will definitely be easier on an iPad mini than on the iPhone.

I think OF2 for iPhone is best served as a device to help you check off available tasks, peek at forecast, and do some quick entry when you’re on the go. Project organising is not fun on the iPhone.

Get one of those bluetooth keyboard cases to go with the iPad and you’ve got a powerful tablet that will make organising much easier.

I’ve stuck to my iPad 2 and OF2 for iPad because the fonts are just a little easier to see for these weary eyes. But I am contemplating purchasing a new iPad mini Retina. The text should be a bit crisper and easier to see on the Retina display instead of your iPad 2 display. I just have to wait until the next iPad mini release (rumoured to be next February).

I don’t know if I’d be processing OmniFocus projects while walking - you’ll tend to bump into other people or immovable objects (such as a street pole). I only use the iPad 2 when I’m sitting down somewhere or I have my back against the wall to avoid standing in the middle of foot traffic.

I’ll use the iPhone and OF2 for iPhone when I’m standing in line at a shop or bank. The iPad 2 is just too awkward for me. But that might change if I get an iPad mini.

It’s still too early to tell how Omnigroup will change OF2 for iPhone to fit the iPhone 6 Plus. I’m guessing it will look the same when you have the iPhone in portrait mode. OF2 for iPhone’s user interface might go to split screen mode on the iPhone 6 Plus. when you turn it to landscape orientation. But that’s speculation on my part. I’m guessing it will look similar to the split screen interface as seen in iOS 8’s Mail app, Message’s app, and Calendar app. There are some screen shots of split screen mode here:


I’m guessing it will be up to Omni to figure out how to do the split screen mode for the iPhone 6 Plus. It looks like it might be a while before Omni gets around to it.

Even with the iPhone 6 Plus.

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Like @wilsonng, I would recommend OF2 on the ipad for the sorting, organising and review aspects.

I have an IPad 4? (the one before the Air) and just recently have got a retina mini (which is going to be one of the kid’s Christmas present but I get to play with it first)

The iPad 4 (with a chipped screen now, hence the mini) has mobile data, the mini doesn’t.

I find that I value the mobile data aspect of the iPad 4 despite the theory of tethering the mini to my iPhone I have a 5 GBP monthly data allowance with GiffGaff (in the UK) which provides more than sufficient data for my needs, coupled with Cloak for when I am using an ‘untrusted’ wifi area.

The iPhone 6 (like the old 5) is great for capture, checking off and ‘what could I do now’ but I couldn’t use it for planning and re-organising. The 6+ is too big to be a useful phone and too small to be a useful iPad (hence the iphone 6). The only real benefit of the 6 is that the battery has a fighting chance of making it through the day.

It will be interesting to see the spec the next iPad (weight and screen size/resolution)

If I had to choose today for the scenario you describe it would be the iPad Retina Mini with Cellular Data. (I wouldn’t walk and work though - too many holes in the pavements where I live - I can’t afford to lose a couple of weeks laid up with a sprained ankle (which just happened to a mate of mine))


@PhilRob: I’ve never really tried out the iPad mini beyond a few minutes. Have you installed OF2 on the iPad mini and found it easy enough on your eyes? From some folks around here, they say the Retina display does make a difference for smaller font sizes.

I also agree that OF2 for iPad is so much more powerful than the iPhone version. If it’s organizing, processing, and review that you want, it’s OF2 for iPad all the way. I don’t even lug around my macbook anymore. I have enough apps (OF2, Week Calendar, OmniOutliner, Evernote, Numbers, Pages, iThoughts HD) to emulate what I do on the Mac versions.

I bought a small messenger bag just to tote the iPad and a bluetooth keyboard around.

FWIW, the Retina display is a clear benefit.

Some time ago, I bought a refurbished iPad 3 w/o cellular and with more memory (64GB) + Retina display. I tether to my iPhone as needed. I absolutely wanted capacity in data storage versus in-built internet access … my iPhone is always with me, and the iPad has no card or USB expansion. I have no reasons to complain or as yet to consider an upgrade to the latest + greatest iPad.

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Could someone share a screenshot of OF2 on iPhone 6, taken on the largest font size set in system Settings? Trying to understand how large are the largest fonts possible.

Mock projects and data are fine, just need a list of projects and actions, not the OF2 homescreen.

Private message would be fine as well as just a post to this thread.

Changing the fonts in the system settings does not affect Omnifocus.

@khaberz: Ken @kcase promised/reported the opposite here

Ah, I got it now. The main screen doesn’t change, but when you go into a project or perspective, the change is visible. Here’s your screenshot: http://imgur.com/AH4Q7uf

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And a project list: http://imgur.com//uVS9QLx

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