IPad / Omnifocus 3: Keyboard shortcut to indent?

Hi! Forgive me if this has already been covered, but I’ve searched and haven’t found an answer.

I’m a big Omnifocus fan and enjoy Omnifocus 3 on my iPad (once OS X Catalina becomes more stable for audio I’ll upgrade and use Omnifocus 3 on desktop).

I mainly use it on my iPad and using the keyboard is great - but, is there a keyboard shortcut to indent a task / outdent a task within a project?

If not, IMHO this is quite important. Thanks for taking the time to read this. I’m considering getting Mindnode and/or OmniOutliner and getting a really slick organizing / thought-capture / brainstorming system going. I’ve really enjoyed Omnifocus and hope to keep using it.


I want to follow up on this - it also appears I cannot use cmd-n to create a new task for a project unless I’m focused on that project in the sidebar. I.E., if I have a folder, and projects A and B in the folder, if my sidebar is focused on the folder, and my main view is focused on project A, cmd-n does not create a new task for project A.

When I tap on Project A so it is highlighted in the sidebar it does then work.

This is unfortunate. Right now I’m using the Omnioutliner trial version to quickly put together a project outline. I shouldn’t have to do that - Omnifocus on iOS should support that feature, just as it does on desktop. It’s a major impediment to the flow.

While I know iOS has a lot of weirdness, ideally there would be keyboard shortcut parity (as much as possible) between the iOS and desktop versions so those of us who use keyboard shortcuts a lot can develop a great muscle memory w/Omnifocus cross-platform.

Unfortunately I’m in a bit of a weird situation where I’m waiting to upgrade OS X in order to use Omnifocus 3 on desktop b/c of various OS X audio issues.

Otherwise I’ve been loving using my iPad as my main Omnifocus tool, but there does need to be a good ‘flow’ when using the keyboard for it.

Again, thanks for your patience and time in reading this - I know you folks have a lot to tackle, and it’s a great product.

Another example of a ‘flow’ issue on iPad:

  1. I touch to create a new inbox task.
  2. I use ctrl-2 to navigate to Notes for that task, which is awesome.
  3. What is the keyboard command to then be able to edit the note? I would expect it to be ‘return’ but that does not seem to work. Currently I have to tap to actually enter or paste text at this point.

Keyboard shortcut support in Omnifocus for iOS is notoriously bad. It was supposed to become better last year, and still is on the roadmap for this year, but nothing has materialised.

I think it will remain a hit-and-miss situation for the foreseeable future. I hoped they would at least bring it somewhere neat the capabilities of Things 3, but unfortunately they haven’t

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What makes you think it will be hit-and-miss?

My hope is they’ll address it in 2020 but I have no idea, tbh.

I’m not saying it will be hit and miss once they fix it, it just is until they do.

Well, it doesn’t seem to be high on their list of priorities. Also, you should consider that with how long it’s been since OF3’s release, if they do finally get around to fixing the iOS workflow issues, we will probably get the pleasure of paying for the app yet again when they use that UX change as a reason to define iOS OF4.

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