iPad sync problem after travel

Hi all,
I have a problem with sync that keeps happening…

I have an iMac, iPad pro and an iphone 7, all with latest Omnifocus. When I travel on a plane I use OF on my iPad Pro to list items that I need to do to follow up events on the trip. The ipad is in aeroplane mode.

What usually happens is that the next day I work on my iMac, and I might add further items (not connected to my trip) in OF. I’m not changing/editing any items, they’re all new items.

At some point I’ll open my iPad to look at various bits of work, and OF will then show a message asking me to choose between the server sync database, or to keep the ipad database and replace the server sync database.

So a ‘lose lose’ scenario…

I usually just retype my items into OF on my Mac, but surely I shouldn’t have to do that.

I’ve just chosen to keep the server database on my ipad, and lost all the items I’d entered on the aeroplane (I took a screen shot so I can retype them in).

What am I doing wrong?
I want it to merge databases.

Make sure you turn airplane mode off when you leave the plane, and try to open OF to give it a chance to sync. If I do this then I never have a problem.

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Ok Rosemary I’ll do what you suggest, thank you.