iPhone not with me: best way to secure OF data

I have to ‘surrender’ my iPhone for repair.

What is the best way, please, to ensure the security and integrity of my OF data while the phone is out of my hands?

Would the very best solution, perhaps, even be to delete it from my iPhone 6 Plus (running 11.4)?

Could that compromise the synching which takes place many times a day with my macOS X version of OF?

If i did that, is there any downside to then simply re-installing it on my repaired iPhone; will that preserve both data on the iOS version and synch states?


The best way is to completely remove the database from the device. To do that you can either reset the database or delete the app entirely.

Once that’s done, your iPhone will likely still be registered as a synced device. In time it should fall off the list automatically, but it’s probably better to remove it manually. Doing so will prevent OmniFocus from tracking all changes between your current state and the state the iPhone was last in, which can result in a larger sync payload.

To remove a device manually, use the Synchronisation preference pane in OmniFocus for Mac and click on Show Sync Details…. There you should see your iPhone and can select it and deregister it from syncing.

Once your phone is back from its holiday, you should be able to set up sync fresh with no trouble.


In the meantime, get a used older iPhone as backup (not only for this one occasion).

In case you don‘t,

  • make a „export database to csv“ and open it in Excel: it‘s human readable, it‘s searchable. In case you need to look something up.
  • use a stack of paper. One stack of paper. Exactly one. Remember: GTD can be done without any hardware but a stack of paper, a pencil and some folders.
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Thanks so much, @nostodnayr!

That’s exactly what I’ll do :-)

Presumably, instead of re-installing the old OF2 for iOS, I could go straight to OF3 for iOS; would that work - even though I still have OF2 on my iMac?

@CGHMartini - I shouldn’t have to do that, I don’t think?, because I have OF (2) on my desktop machine (iMac, 10.13.5).

Your help very much appreciated!

Yes, would work. No need for backup phone nor paper in your case.
I recently had parallel installs of OF2 (Mac, iPhone) and OF3 (iPad). No problem at all as long as you don‘t rely heavily on the new functionality or reorg everything, compare the official FAQs.
Now that I did the reorg, discussed in exhausting detail at the link below, I have relegated my mac to holding a backup.

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Thanks, @CGHMartini - all makes sense. Good luck!

(‘Paper’ eh?!)