iPhone Pro Upgrade?


Please correct me if I’m wrong - I just bought the Omnifocus Legacy Support Bundle, as I wanted the app for my iPhone, is it really so bad that I apart from the app (which costed around $60) have to upgrade to Pro and fork up another $25 in order to see my custom perspectives in my newly bought app?

I thought the app was expensive before I bought it, but if true, this is just plain ridiculous.

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Yes, that is correct, you have to upgrade to Pro to be able to use custom perspectives. Expensive? Might be, but also, in my opinion, better than most other task managers for IOS. To me, it’s definitely worth the money. If you disagree, you have the possibility to regret purchases from the App Store within 14 days. You might like to do that anyway, as the universal IOS version has the same price and normally will be some steps ahead regarding new features.

We do use the same Pro/Standard feature split on iOS as we do on Mac. I’m sorry that we didn’t make that clearer in our marketing materials!

If you’d like to talk to someone at Omni about your purchase, drop us a line at sales@omnigroup.com.

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Hi Jan,

Thanks for your reply.
I totally agree with you - Omnifocus is the best task manager out there. Still, having to pay another $25 for a complete version was still a very unpleasant surprise.

May I ask what you were referring to with “the universal IOS version”?

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// Alex

After looking one more time in the App Store I think I was wrong - it looks like you already have the universal IOS version (that also runs on Ipad) after having bought the Legacy Support Bundle (primarily intended for those who like to upgrade from the earlier Iphone only version). I can understand that it was an unpleasant surprise having to pay more money for the complete version. It’s a good upgrade, though. To me, it made a big difference, and the custom perspectives are nicely handled on the Iphone.

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Yea, I’m sure you guys have heard this before but this is kind of price gouging. I don’t mind paying an upgrade price but I feel like it’s a bit expensive for as little as you get for this.

I think this topic has been discussed quite a bit. If you search the Omnigroup thread with the search term “Omnifocus too expensive”, you’ll see it. This was a more recent thread :

The bottom line is that you have the option to get a refund by contacting Omnigroup for apps bought at the Omnigroup store. You’ll need to contact Apple to request a refund for apps bought on the iTunes store or Mac App Store.

You get what you pay for. You want a cheap task manager? Buy a cheap task manager. You want something more robust? Be prepared to pay for it.

I’ve spent enough money on a variety of other task managers. I’ve bounced between OmniFocus and other task managers. I kept coming back to OmniFocus. I’m too fatigued to keep trying yet another task manager. For the price of the iOS app + Mac app + the pro upgrades, it was worth every penny that I paid for it.


I have heard this so many times even before I started using Omnifocus and I have never really understood the complaint to be honest. Do you like the added features in Pro? Or even better, do you need them? If so, you buy them. It’s not a mandatory purchase anyway.

If you work on a different project at work do you expect do be paid for the extra work you do? If so, why is ridiculous if Pro for iOS comes with its own price? To me it’s ridiculous you were expecting it to be free.

Expensive? Perhaps, but this is what happens when we are used to free apps or apps that cost 99p in the app store.


tha is correct brother