iPhone-Sync via Wi-Fi only (facultative 3G-Sync)

Dear Omni-Members,

I read a post of Kevinx in the former forum, and have not found the solution to his issue:

“Most of time, the 3G network around me is pretty slow. If I am not
connected to WIFI, I don’t want to waste time, battery, and pricy 3G
data to sync over 3G from iPhone. Therefore, please add an option to
sync over WIFI only on iPhone/iPad.”
kevinx, Member 2012-08-16, 10:08 AM

Omni’s Brian answered: “We’ve got an existing feature request open on the ability to only sync via WiFi; attaching kevinx’s request, as well. Thanks!”

However, the answer cannot be found in the forum, may I kindly ask you for help,


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I think you can prevent this by telling iOS to allow 3G for OmniFocus :

Settings => Cellular => Use cellular data for…

And then disallow OmniFocus.


This is the Solution! Thank you Pascal!