iPhone Upgrade Options?


I use OF2 pro on my Mac and OF2 for iPhone on my iPhone 6 plus. I don’t use OF2 on my iPad as it is shared with the rest of the family as I don’t want my data getting messed up.

Are there any significant improvements to the iOS app which I would be using on the iPhone? The cost in the App Store for a UK user is £29.99.

Am I right in thinking that despite that I already own two OF2 products that I’m not being offered anything in the way of a discount to upgrade to the universal version of the app? Or have I misunderstood? (It does happen frequently despite being well organised 😊). If so this is very disappointing.

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The way I read the announcement, the iPhone iOS app will continue to get all the features as the universal app (except iPad support?) - for as long as they’re supporting Omnifocus 2. So unless you want to use it on an iPad, I don’t think you need to do anything until OF3 comes out.

More info here:


The iPad app has become the universal app and can be used on both iPad and iPhone.

Here is the difference between iPhone and the Universal version:


The Universal edition gets the Review perspective and the option to upgrade to get the $20 pro edition which includes:

Custom perspectives
Custom home screen

If you want to use custom perspectives or the review perspective, it is well worth it.

I don’t know what is going on but it looks like OmniGroup wants to transition everyone over to the Universal version.

Many thanks for the quick responses, they have been very helpful.

I’m certainly not getting the Review perspective on the iPhone version, so you definitely have to be using the Universal version for that.

I’ve just followed the complete my bundle link and all has become clear, it is being offered at £16 on the app store, rather than £29.99, so some recognition for my previous purchases, I’m pleased about that, well done Omni for recognising previous customers.

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The Universal iOS app has allowed me to rely less on the Mac version now. The only reason I really use the Mac version is to:

• archive completed tasks
• batch edit tasks. (Hopefully a future edition will include batch editing)

Nowadays, I can walk around with my iPhone and/or iPad to run OmniFocus. I use the Mac version if I happen to be sitting at my computer.

Confused again!

I currently own OMF2 for iPhone and OMF2 Pro for Mac. OMNI had enabled the pro functions on the iPhone app.

I upgraded via the complete my bundle option in the App Store. I now have the Universal app but I am being offered the option to upgrade to the pro features which are not installed like they were on iPhone app.

Have I paid £16 to upgrade to the Review perspective, but lost the other features? Also, it’s asking for another £14.99 to upgrade to Pro features which I previously had!

Hey @Ricky_W!

Sorry about the confusion. We’re hoping to ship an update to the Universal version soon that will grant the legacy features you see on the iPhone app in the Universal app, too!

Thanks for the update interrobang.

Just to clarify, the other perspectives that I can use in the iPhone app will become available in the universal app without upgrading to the Pro version?

Hey @Ricky_W, great question! I do want to clarify, but I also want to make sure I have all of the specifics about your account. Could you send us an email? Feel free to include a link to this post so you don’t have to type everything out again!

Hi, sorry to resurrect this thread. When I was in contact previously with OMNI in June I was told that the iOS Universal App would be updated to enable the legacy features which were only available in the iPhone version, such as being able to view (but not edit) custom perspectives, however, I still can’t see any custom perspectives on the Universal app which were available on the iPhone version. Is this still going to happen?

Hi, to update, I’ve discussed this with Omni Support who have been very helpful. This feature has now been activated, you need to have the old iPhone version and the newer Universal version on the same device to enable the legacy features.

Therefore, all good for me now on iPhone and iPad, custom perspectives are working fine :-)