Is anyone successfully using the SeattleRB RequestTracker module?

I am completely blocked on getting OmniFocus-RT to work. I am the admin of my team’s RequestTracker service, and I am nearing desperation in finding a reliable way to get RequestTracker tickets into my OmniFocus. I care less about syncing from OmniFocus back into RT than simply getting descriptive tasks out of RT and into my OmniFocus Inbox.

But before I go off into my own dungeon to write rickety code to yank things out and shovel them into OmniFocus, has anyone in recent history had this working and willing to share any gotchas they resolved?

I’ve had some attempts that get hung up on certificate validation (I use intermediate certs and Ruby via rvm and sometimes that is a chore to get working) but I also run my RT application on an alternate port on my application servers, and I’m not sure the configuration of omnifocus-rt has a way to even designate that (possibly more upstream in the seattlerb omnifocus gem than this module but haven’t dug further).

It also seems to require appscript so I have to use very old ruby, but then on my 10.11 workstation I have had problems even getting the requisite gems to install even with ruby-1.8.7 et al, so I’m clearly at the point where I’ve spent way too much time on this without at least seeing if it ever worked for someone in the last 8 years or certainly if it even works with OmniFocus 2.