Is font style for new links always 12pt Helvetica?

I’ve seen posts going back a few years about OO’s forced blue for links, but is it possible to control the size and font? It’s weird to have tiny Helvetica links within my normal 15pt Verdana text.

I have found that if I select the link, then apply my Ctrl-2 bold format, it does change the link’s font to my desired 15pt Verdana. Then I just have to Ctrl-2 to turn off the bolding, and all is OK.

All this fussing is quickly done with Keyboard Maestro, but it’s a shame to have to spend time with these gymnastics.


I don’t see a way to change the default. But it would only take adding a Style entry (from Sidebar - Styles) for you to set up the desired attributes for the link.

Thanks for confirming what I’d feared. I’ll stick with my bold, unbold technique, as it’s easier to automate than selecting and clicking the checkbox for a style.