Is it only me that want to be able to pause an action?

I realize the difference between Projects and Actions. Nevertheless I would be able to pause single Actions.
That is of course due to the fact that I use some of my projects as “To Do Lists”.

For example;
Client X wants me to do 10 different modfications on the system we are building.
I have a project called “Modifications”.
After a while, he wants us to pause one of the things. Hence the need of pausing an action.

(Yes I know, in a perfect world all of those modifications should be different projects, but in reality I don’t use OF in that way, all the time. I think I’m not the only one.)

In other words: Instead of only having Active and Completed as possible Statuses on the actions, can we have On Hold and Dropped as well? Ie, Actions should have the same statuses as Projects.


The best way to pause an action is to ascribe a paused context to it (call it “inactive” or “waiting for…”). See here at Asian Efficiency how to do this in detail.


I think Omni said this was one of the things they wanted to do when they can migrate to a new data model.

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Kourosh Dini has some elegant solutions for this in his book and I think he talks about it somewhere on his site ( Eddie Smith wrote about it as well. (

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I’d like to second this suggestion. Great materials and he just came out with a new version of his book, “Workflow Master: Building from the Basics.” Dr. Dini’s work has been a tremendous help to me.