Is it possible to call the built in function column "Resize to Fit" from AppleScript in Outliner?

The background to my question is that I have an outline that uses an AppleScript that melds the text from several cells and stores the result in a cell. A minor issue is that at times the script generated text overflows the cell width and wraps causing the whole row to “gain” height which looks odd.

Omni provide a built in function named “Resize to Fit” which is actioned by a button in the UI. Unfortunately I can not see a way of calling this function from an Applescript and thought I would ask here before I try to write my own.

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Where is that function, and what version of OO are you using ?

Version 5.11.1 pro The button is situated on the column formatting pane.
2023-06-16-124350-Screenshot 2023-06-16 at 12.43.44

FWIW, I see the following entry in OmniOutliner OmniAutomation API. Not sure if that would be helpful for you:

Editor : Tree

Instance Functions

function setWidthForColumn(column: Column, width: Number)

Sets the width in points used to display the Column, assuming a zoom factor of 1.0.

The advantage of the UI button is that it does all the calculations on how much space the text requires. I’m trying to avoid having to loop through every row to read the length and font size of the text. However, it seems that this is what is required.