Is it possible to modify the highlight color?

I’m working on a new template for myself quasi modeled after the monokai color scheme in sublime text. The only problem I have is I can’t find a way to change the highlight color. So when I select a row or just highlight some text inside a row. The color doesn’t really fit with the scheme I’m going for but I can’t find anyway to change it?

OmniOutliner uses the highlight color defined globally on your Mac. Change it by going to System Preferences.

Select Other… then use either a predefined color or the magnifying glass to select a color visible onscreen (perhaps with a monokai document open).

That’s too bad, would be nice to be able to customize this color per file and not have to change system wide settings.

Go ahead and shoot a request to support via the in-app link under the Help menu. They’re quick to note whether there is an open ticket for such a request.