Is it possible to print one project at a time?

Hello everyone!

Loving Omnifocus! Just had a quick question about printing. I like to print out my projects list with actions. At the moment, when I print my projects list there are multiple projects on a single page. However, I would like to print projects separately.

So, is there a way to achieve this outside of going to each project and clicking “Print”?

Thanks very much!

Welcome! Sounds like a cool feature I would want to have. So OmniFocus does not currently support this printing method. Most likely you would need to make a script or look for a plugin.

I see! Any tips on how to create a plugin / script? I have coding experience that I wouldn’t mind putting to use :P

if you select the project you want to print, then click “focus” so only the project is visible you should be able to print only the project. This also works with multi-select: select the projects you want to print in the sidebar → focus → print.

Unfortunately, the “focus” feature does not help with printing. In the normal project view, you can get the same results by simply selecting any project and then using print (⌘P). Multi-selecting also produces the same results whether you use “focus” or not. I wish OmniFocus supported printing the way you both are thinking!

If you use Keyboard Maestro, you could focus on the projects that you want to print and then have a macro automate the process of printing the selected project, selecting the next project (by simulating a ↓ key press), printing the next one, etc. You’d probably want to macro to prompt you for the number of projects to print as I’m not sure there’s a way to automatically detect when you’ve reached the last one.

There may also be a way to accomplish this using Omni Automation.

I hope this helps!

Any way I try this it works, but also if you just select the items in the sidebar and then press ⌘P

Select projects → focus → ⌘P → done


Select projects → ⌘P → done

and to automate it the suggestion @timstringer gives also works perfectly (just make sure to get a coffee and don;t let the cat near the keyboard when it’s busy :-)

A simple solution for good results is an AppleScript that takes the currently selected projects into a list, spawn a new window for each project in the list, print those windows, optionally close those windows when done.

Launching OmniFocus scripts with Keyboard Maestro (and automating them further) is definitely the way to go.

Step and repeat keyboard/ui simulation macros are sometimes unreliable for me.

I do this from time to time, whether focusing and then crrl-P or making a custom perspective of the project and printing from there. It is not a print option but these workarounds usually work for me.

Caveat is the action groups don’t print as seen in the project view and is not very flexible. Last resort would be to do a screenshot and print it.

Great tip! Using the crosshair screen capture to clipboard + I just found a very fast print workflow. I can quickly print precise OmniFocus lists that would otherwise take tons of scripting. Throw in some Keyboard Maestro to taste and I’m all set.

If you select the venture you need to print, then, at that point, click “Focus” so just the undertaking is apparent you ought to have the option to print just the task. This additionally works with multi-select: select the tasks you need to print in the Sidebar → Focus → Print.
And you"re good to go.

Unfortunately, the Focus feature does not provide anything extra for printing.

The fastest printing method is to select one or more items from the sidebar and then use ⌘P to print. Unfortunately, there is no way to automatically print multiple projects using a “one project per page” preference.

Addressing the original post: Currently, the fastest manual method would be to select one project at a time from the sidebar and then use ⌘P to print. Repeat these manual steps for each project you want. Otherwise, develop a custom script or macro.

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