Is it possible to reduce fontsize or fontstyle of the headline of a perspective?

Dear OF-users,

I am new to OF3 (and OF in general) and still within the testing time.
I don’t like the layout in some aspects. The fontsize and the bold fontstyle of the headline is, depending on the color, like a distraction in my eyes.
Can I alter these aspects on my own?
Is it possible to chance the color of the predefined perspective-icons?

Of course you are right: Only cosmetics.



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In the settings you can change the font size but general only. Amd only in small, medium or large.
I agree, the GUI/type is not the best, I would love to have some more settings to make the GUI little bit better.

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Hi Claus,
thanks for your support.
I already realized that, but it affects only the fontsize of the tasks and the content of the left column.
Headlines stay the same.
Maybe this feature will be added in future. Would like to change the color of the predefines perspective-icons, too.


I hope so, too.

I’m still in the test period, too, and am writing up a cohesive email to that’s about equal parts feature request, support inquiry, and product review.

The fixed fontsize relationship and locked-in color are both particularly egregious when they’re so… not right. I can’t believe that anyone using OF wants their Folders in 24pt type, while I’m certain I’m not the only one who finds the greys of Darkmode a shade too dark. On the latter point, I can imagine that for older users or others with less than perfect vision this might be a real accessibility issue.

FWIW, the font size ratio seems to get a bit better if you increase size app-wide. Not ideal, but with all that space wasted anyway, doing so solves the grays issue, too. That ratio looks more like an intentional design decision.


I wonder why, after the possibility to adapt font and color in OF2 was created, this was completely impossible in OF3. Many OF2 users have asked for that adaptation.

Meanwhile I know that the font can be changed in a * .plist file. I have not yet been able to find the adjustment of the color.

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Would you be able to post a little description, how and where to find that plist-file?

And how to manipulate it?

That would be great ;-)

Right click on the program to open the Contents map. Go to:

Omnifcus > Contents > Resources > ThemeResources > System Font > OFIFontRegistry.plist

The file is protected, so you have to create a copy.

Open the copy for example with Xcode. Go to scalable-styles and for example > OFITextStyleNoteBody. Change the value of content-sizes item 0, item 1, item 2, item 3 and/or item 4. Save the copy file.

Replace the original plist file with the copy.


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