Is it possible to search via metadata in OmniOutliner?

OmniOutliner is great for creating outlines, but it really looks to me like 95% of all effort in OO is focused around styles. The manual is about 50% on using styles, and the “Using OO” book is about 95% about styles. Which is cool, but it’s not what I’m looking for.

OO has great full-text search, but there’s no real way I can find to search for anything else (e.g. find text that is styled a particular way, or automatically find tags or search by other metadata like created date on a particular line. (yes, I can search on a tag, but I get no hints as it’s just a text search). Is there any way to do this? There’s great functionality like this with Circus Ponies Notebook, but there are some other limitations there that I’d rather use OO if possible.


This is not possible. The only metadata searchable is through Spotlight for the document.

I think this thread is related to the topic I started elsewhere (see link). Apologies, I didn’t see your post until after I had posted. If you’ve found any tool (or ideas for workaround) to accomplish this since your post, I’d greatly appreciate if you’d share what you’ve learned.