Is it possible to send a text list of a project tasks to an email?


I’m new on OmniFocus, and I apologize in advance if my question has been answered before / if the solution seems obvious.

Here it is : I often use OmniFocus for work because my tasks vary everyday, and I need to list every one of them before I can get started. I work during the night, so after I’m done with my tasks, I send an email to my boss to recap what I did, so he can come to work the next morning knowing what I did when he wasn’t there.

It would be very handy if I could export my list of tasks to plain text, directly in an email. Then, I wouldn’t have to write what I did all over again, and the email would be almost ready to be sent.

Note: when I try “send to email”, it creates an email giving a link for adding those tasks in OmniFocus, which isn’t what I want.

Does anyone have an idea ? Thank you!

I don’t think you can BUT…

… I’d investigate Workflow’s ability to use the Taskpaper format to add a bunch of tasks, complete with e.g. Due Dates to Omnifocus on iOS.

(Workflow is now free, by the way.)

I’m responding to this as an iOS problem - as that’s the FORUM you posted in.

(On Mac you can paste in Taskpaper format directly into Omnifocus.)

What is your use case for emailing a list in? (I only mail it in when I’m forwarding an email to use as the base for a task - and then I have the horrid job of cleaning up the task that results.)

Thanks for your reply.

Yes, I’m running OmniFocus on iOS, I only use my Ipad at work.

Ok, I went into Workfow ; pretty of options to get stuff into OmniFocus, but nothing that I saw to export a project to simple text. An option would be to first write Taskpaper formatted text on notes, send to OF, do what I have to do in OF and then take back that text when I’m done… and email it. But it’s not very convenient (not to mention, I sometimes add stuff to my project as the night goes, so my original text would become outdated in that case).

My use for emailing a list from OF would be to just work on OF when I’m working, then send some kind of recap to my boss.

To be more specific, here is what I want to do:

To export an OF project…

…into an email…

… so I can take it from here and finish like that

I did it manually this time, without copy/pasting… which is a drag. If I could simply export from OF into a written text list, that would save me a lot of time.

Sorry for the multiple replies, couldn’t send more than 1 image at once

I wouldn’t regard Taskpaper as difficult. At it’s simplest it’s just a list of tasks, one per line, with a dash in front of them. Workflow could add the dash.


In OF project, use the share button then copy and paste in a new note in Notes app. You still have to remove manually TaskPaper tags. Hope it helps.

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Nice! But probably no need to remove the Taskpaper syntax; Just educate people on their use and value?

In my opinion, Taskpaper makes no sense as a default export format. Text or Markdown would be fine. (Things 3 basically exports Markdown, although they don’t say it.) Sure, taskpaper lets some people do some things but basically it’s just clutter and an enabler of largely unproductive behavior.

Could the Workflow app be made to parse Taskpaper and output a human readable list?

It definitely can, you would need to use the “Match text” item with regular expressions most likely.