Is it possible to symlink tasks?


Since I haven’t found a way, I am guessing its not possible but I thought I would check here in case I am missing something.

I use a goal oriented approach for managing my time. I create projects in a structure, I then create a second project in a This Week Goals, This Month Goals, This Quarter Goals folder structure and move subsets of the overall tasks on a project up to these to focus on goals instead of zoomed in on daily tasks.

Currently, I have two options - 1.) Duplicate each task, which means when I check it off I have to go back to the main project, or 2.) Move the task which means it is no longer associated with the project in the main structure.

My question: is there a way to create a linked task? Have the task under my main project area and create a task that is essentially a pointer to the main location under my goal management structure?



If you’re using OF3 for iOS, this is a great use case for tags: you could make tags for Week, Month, and quarter, then assign it accordingly.

On OF2 for macOS, this is trickier, unless you don’t use contexts, in which case contexts could serve that purpose. Otherwise, OF3 and its tags will be coming to macOS this summer.


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Tags sound perfect. I’ll eagerly await it making it to the Mac… :)