Is it possible to upgrade to OmniFocus 2 PRO later?

I own a Omni Store copy of OmniFocus 1, so I would be able to upgrade to Standard OF2 for $19.99.
Am I able to use Standard for a while, and later decide that I want PRO and do an upgrade?
If yes, for how much?

The announcement post says it is possible to upgrade later, but I don’t know the pricing.

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Yes. If you visit and click on OmniFocus, you can scroll down to the “Upgrade an existing license” section and choose “OmniFocus 2” to see the upgrade options:

As you can see, the price for upgrading an individual Standard license to an individual Pro license is $39.99. When you do that, we’ll e-mail you a new license key.


Thank you for your answer!

Ok, so if I use my existing OF1 license to upgrade to OF2 Standard it will cost $19.99?
And, according your Upgrade info page “Upgrade pricing on our store is $39.99 for OmniFocus 2 Pro, and $19.99 for OmniFocus 2 Standard.”
Shouldn’t my later upgrade to PRO be another $20, i.e. the difference between the original to prices?

In other words, does me owning an OF1 license not give me discounted upgrade path for a later PRO upgrade?

You might be best off sending this question to

Will do, thanks!