Is it possible to view subtasks hierarchically in a context view?

  • Am I right in inferring that a Perspective that is set to “don’t use project hierarchy” doesn’t show sub-tasks as sub-tasks? (i.e. They’re displayed “flat” alongside their parent tasks?)

  • Is there a way around this, other than switching the Perspective to “use project hierarchy”?

  • Alternatively… is there a way, when looking at a project-hierarchy-type Perspective, to NOT see projects that have no available tasks? (It seems that non-project-hierarchy perspectives do this hiding for you.)

  • Bonus question: Did I actually use all those complex terms correctly? Or any of them?



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  1. Yes AFAIK
  2. My way to work around is to name contexts in a unique way (eg. “@Hone”), and then to create a project perspective which has a tex-matching filter against “@Home” substring. This results in showing intra-project hierarchy; the downside is that you can only display one context per perspective. To address this, I’m trying to live with adding “#X” to several context names that I need to see in an perspective X. It makes context names longer a bit, but solves the problem.
  3. Not sure about that, you can check it yourself.