Is it safe to upgrade now to OF 4 or not?

Long time OmniFocus user; currently 3.15.4 on 13.6.3.

I watched and waited eagerly for version 4.

Then I saw all the negative comments; I was really only worried about bugs and instabilities because I rely on OF so heavily - all day every day. (The apparent lack of a new appearance doesn’t put me off; I appreciate that the chief merit of OF 4 is its redesign from the ground up using Swift.)

My question: can I safely upgrade - from 3.15.4 to 4.0.4, please?

There, it’s as simple as that!

One other vital need I have (aside from avoiding crashes etc): Does version 4 support the Defer script?

Thanks in advance for any impartial and informed re-assurance :-)

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You can run OF3 and PF4 simultaneously and sync to the Omni Sync Server.

I’ve switched full time to OF4 and haven’t had issues. There will always be small bugs to fix but that’s to be expected with any and all apps nowadays.


That’s really helpful @wilsonng - especially coming from you :-)

Thanks very much. I’m in now!

Do you happen to know whether Dan’s Defer script runs in OF4, please?

On Mac yes, on iOS no.

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One idea is to commission @kaitlin to make an OmniJS plug-in that will work on both Mac and iOS.

Here is her plug-in pages where she shows some of the scripts that she’s made available:

I don’t see a plug-in that will do exactly as Dan’s script but it sounds do-able. Dan’s script would be the starting point for her to work on it.

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Thanks. I only need to do these bulk defers on macOS.

I am not sure. The only new feature you are getting is a new implementation and a bunch of bugs.

I tried using OmniFocus 4 and decided to rollback. I wrote to OmniFocus requesting an of3 binary for Mac on 10th of Jan.

Still waiting and it’s 9 days later.

Btw I deleted the old of3 binary because my applescripts were not working for me with both installed.

I think this lack of response to me points to a systemic problem at omnigroup.

No matter what keep the old of3 installer.

Thanks, Wilson. I hadn’t heard of Kaitlin’s work; eagerly bookmarked :-)

I’ll try Dan’s first.

BTW that revealed something a little startling in my ~Library hierarchy:

How safe is it to delete any of these, which look old, please?

Thank you, @agnipankh; I do plan to keep both 3 and 4 until everything looks OK.

I’m hoping that, because the OF data structure isn’t changed, I’d be able to go back if i ever had to.

Yes, then you should be safe.

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This plugin created by Omni will do what you want. Not sure about specific features of your current Defer script, but this one will work on both Mac and iOS, and can be added to the toolbar easily.

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Thanks, @TheWart; Yes, I have that plugin installed.

The Defer script is more flexible in that it presents a dialog box which you can use to move one or more (selected) items forward or backward by one day from their respective dates all in one operation.

This means that every item in a project, whose due dates are, say, January 20, 21, 22, 23, 24 etc will get deferred - to January 21, 22, 23, 24, 25 etc; or by any number of days. Or ‘backwards’ in time. Rather than moving a multiple selection all forward to the same date +1 etc

I appreciate your reminding me of that login, though: if Defer didn’t work, I’d be relying on it heavily :-)

There’s this page to download older OF3 versions.

Under “OmniFocus for Mac” banner, click on “Show older downloads”

Many Applescripts and automations may need to be modified to work with OF4. Some works flawlessly and others requires some updates.

If the data structure were to ever change to accommodate new features, there would most likely be a warning that you are updating your database and it won’t be compatible with OF3. Then it would be up to you to click “Go ahead and update” or “Cancel.”

When OF3 was introduced, it maintained compatibility with OF2. After a few revisions, there eventually came an OF3 version that allowed us to update our database and gave us the option to perform the update.

The initial release of OF 4.0.x won’t introduce any features yet. But OF 4.1 or OF 4.2 may introduce that option.

Thank you. Much appreciated.

Thanks again, Wilson!

Have just installed OF4. Couldn’t have gone more smoothy. Definitely worth the wait. A really positive experience; I really like the look and features of the new version. Thanks for your re-assurance.

I suspect it will.

It is a little strange after so many years many times a day using earlier versions.

But I’m actually looking forward to doing so!

Thanks to @omnirik, @wilsonng, @TheWart, @agnipankh!

Your advice and re-assurance very much appreciated.

OF4 installed on macOS and iOS. Looking good :-)

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