Is it safe to upgrade to El Capitan?

I use my mac every day to run Scripts using OmniFocus. With El Capitan launching this week, I was curious to see if any of you have beta tested it. For those of you who have? Will be safe to upgrade?

In the most recent Mac Power Users podcast, David Sparks and Katie Floyd discuss preparing for El Capitan. We know they are avid OmniFocus users. David did say he did do the upgrade based on the betas. So I’m guessing (and this is a guess) that he seems to encounter nothing that killed his OmniFocus.

But you also have to check your other software programs to make sure they also run on El Capitan.

It’s probably best to wait for an official announcement from Omnigroup regarding the status of your Omni apps working in El Capitan.

The first thing that I’d be wary of is the stability OmniFocus clip-o-tron if you are using this feature. This will probably be the most vulnerable feature that gets broken in every new Mac OS X update.

I’m going to guess that this article will be updated when El Capitan is officially released:

For now, it covers Maverick and Yosemite.

We published this support article this morning on this very topic!

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