Is OmniPlan integration still on the radar for OmniFocus 2?

Are there any updates on the status of OmniFocus integration with OmniPlan? I know at some point integration was planned for OmniFocus 2 and the OmniPlan component has already been completed. Has that been sidelined to a later version by all the (incredible) changes to OmniFocus 2 that began with the second round of beta testing or has it just not made it to the beta yet?

I need to find a solid project management tool and OmniPlan is by far my favorite solution from the systems I’ve evaluated so far. However, the systems that let me effortlessly jump back and forward between project management and task management make for a very compelling workflow.

As my OmniPlan trial ticks down I’m torn between which way I’m going to go.



It is not on the radar for OmniFocus 2.0. I sincerely do not know if it will be 2.something or part of 3.0 (or further?). It is certainly something we want to build, but it’s also a rather large feature with a lot of details to carefully get right.


Fair enough, I can imagine it’s a pretty big challenge. Thanks for the update, I really appreciate it!

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In lieu of full integration with Omniplan, it would be quite useful to at least represent the Estimated Time for a task in the Forecast calendar. iCal simply stretches across multiple days when an event is more than 1 day. Something similar could be done in Forecast with a couple more advanced features like only counting work hours e.g., if Estimated Time is 10 hours, that would stretch across 2 days.

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I wonder if one can export OF data to a csv file, then import that into OmniPlan? I also need to integrate OF with a more sophisticated project management system, and would prefer to keep it in the Omni-family.


I’ve been wondering about this for a while; having OmniPlan tasks be separate from OmniFocus greatly reduces OmniPlan’s usefulness, and as the OP (Original Post, not OmniPlan :P) stated the integration has been planned for a long time and was initially supposed to be in OF2 or possibly even OF1.

Hopefully soon now that OF2 is out? I guess we just don’t know.


As an OmniFocus guy who just started looking for planning software, I initially turned to OmniPlan hoping to confirm some kind of integration with OmniFocus. No integration has temporarily put the kibosh on buying OmniPlan. Here’s hoping the integration comes soon…


Thanks Chris for making for requesting an update on this.

I am a loyal Omni user and this gap between OmniFocus & OmniPlan represents a large void in product integration and I know many many project managers that feel this is a vital component.

At the moment keeping identical tasks in OmniFocus represents a great deal of work duplication and tracking. It would be greatly appreciated if this could re-enter the Omni development radar with some priority. Understand its a large piece of work, but thats what makes great products and I assume would be a great additional selling point! Keep up the great work, Thanks Andrew.


Just want to put a +1 on the idea of integrating OmniFocus and OmniPlan - seriously seems like an incredibly opportunity! I love OF but am finding myself stuck when it comes to working on projects with my distributed team - I either have tasks in two places or duplicates. Would gladly pay for OF and OP integration!

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Is there a way for us to vote this a higher priority? It really does seem like a great missed opportunity for us. Having to re-enter tasks from OP is a pain, and they don’t sync. You’d probably still a lot more OP if you used it as a feeder to OF.


The best way to let us know that this (or any feature) is important to you is to send our Support Humans an email:

Do you guys just think it’s a bad idea or is there a reason you don’t allow syncing?

Looks like people have wanted this feature since 2008.

I also would like a way to assign/track tasks from OmniPlan into OmniFocus. I get the synchronization difficulty…e.g. a task exists for Bill in OmniPlan (does he synchronize? what happens if the task dates change? how is this delivered?). Selfishly, I guess I just wish I could snag my own tasks and move them over to my own version of OmniFocus…via an initial export…knowing that this would make a lot of others miserable, due to gaps in extrapolated expectations. :-)

I’m not a coder so forgive me if my question is crazy, but I was wondering, if it’s not possible to integrate Omnifocus and Omniplan as tightly as you want it to…is it possible to have a more simple integration via Zapier?

E.G. I would be eternally grateful for something like New Task in Omniplan --> New Action item in Omnifocus.

Also, I don’t know if it’s a limitation on the omnifocus end or on the zapier end, but it seems like we can only use omnifocus as an action app, and not a trigger app.

In other words, I can “tag” omnifocus in evernote, gmail, trello, etc. and create a task, but I can’t set a context in omnifocus and have it do an action somewhere else.

It would be awesome if I could set a context like “Task for Project X” and have it create a card in the Project X Trello board, and evernote, etc.

All of your apps are amazing and I read the forum threads explaining how a lot of the technology was obtained via acquisition so it’s really hard to integrate them, but I wonder if there is a way to integrate your apps with Zapier in the mean time.