Is Pro version worth it?

I hope I’m not duplicating a discussion but I’ve searched thru the posts and I can’t find a similar question. I don’t see a lot of information on the additional features in Pro. Just their listing in the comparison table. Can someone provide more details on the additional features? It’s hard for me to tell if it’s worth it. But it looks like updating later would me more costly. Is there a more detailed features page that I haven’t seen? or a video?

if you need custom perspectives and applescript then its worth it.

Custom perspectives like showing only “energy low” context task is worth it for me when i’m procrastinating. I switch to “energy low” which consist of admin, routine, no brain required task.

Apple script is important for me too because i need to use clip o tron. Which clips the email automatically to OF 2 and then archive the email (keyboard Maestro required for automated archiving of email)

For me, its worth it.

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Yes, it is worth it. In addition to being able to create custom perspectives that allow you to look at your data & subsets of you data in ways that make sense to you, the pro version also has the focus feature which helps to remove distractions. I’m sure the Apple Script feature is also helpful to some, although I personally don’t use that yet. To recap, I couldn’t do without perspectives; and the focus feature is also a plus … well worth the extra money.

Very personal question, (already answered here) but yes… it is worth it…

Thank you all that was very helpful.