Is Somebody receveing the beta for mac?


It was probably that OF3 for mac will be 3 september in Mac AppStore but I would like to know if any has received the beta for Mac.

A greetings!

Yes, a number of people have access to the Mac beta.

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I requested access long ago but I have not had any luck :(

They’re progressing through the list in order of sign up. The latest round of invitations included people who signed up before the 27th of January.

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i received the invite a couple of hours ago. I will probably post something about it tomorrow.

I signed up but not until June so I doubt that I will get to test it, but that doesn’t matter so much now. I’ve learned recently that my work computer (a Mac) will be replaced with a Windows machine by the end of the year. So I want to test the web version now.

Is there confirmation that the mac version is being released September 3?

As yet the only release date/window given has been “September”. No specific dates.

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Thanks, thats what I thought (though the September 3rd date had me excited as I cant wait to try it).

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