Is there a plan to update exporting to Keynote 6+?

To quote the omnioutliner user guide:

OmniOutliner 4 exports Keynote files that are only compatible with iWork ’09 and earlier. These files are not compatible with Keynote version 6.0 or higher on the Mac, and Keynote for iOS.”

Excerpt From: The Omni Group. “OmniOutliner 4.1 for Mac User Manual.” iBooks.

Is there a plan to update this feature to work with Keynote 6+?



Seconding this. I wish Omni would focus on import and export formats.

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Second this as well.

Third, fourth, fifth this.

Adding to this thread . I find struggling with export features and options the most frustrating aspect of OmniFocus.
It limits my ability to use this as a note taking tool I can share with others.

When will the Keynote export feature to work for version 6 and higher. As v6 was release Q4 of 2013
This seems like a long wait to use this feature