Is there a productivity tracker or to-do list app which allows for multiple nested dependencies in an outline format?


What I’m trying to do is use outline format task lists to break down my projects and tasks. I’m crap at chunking my work and I need a productivity tracking system which can adapt when I realize a task actually needs to get chunked into three different subtasks with dependencies. But what I’d also like is a Kanban board or simple to-do list, which only shows workable tasks.

An example might make this clearer. Here’s an outline for getting dressed with stylish grungy pant, shirts, underwear…

Put on Pants

Put on Underwear

Select Pants

Put on Shirt

Select Shirt

Check Weather/temperature

Put on Shoes

Put on socks

Select shoes

Let’s say for this example a person is standing in their underwear with a chosen shirt in hand, and they need to know what’s still on the to do list. The list should look like:

Select Pants
Put on Shirt
Put on Socks
Select Shoes

That’s so much better. It shows all the actionable tasks, hides finished work, and hides tasks which can’t or shouldn’t be worked on yet. What I want is to be able to mark one of them as done, and have the list update to show new completable tasks ( ie, if you complete “Put on Socks”, it goes away, and “Put on Shoes” is added to the list). I also want the simplicity of the outline format to add tasks. I want to prioritize ease of creating new tasks over thorough documentation of each task.

The applications I’ve looked at so far have one of three problems.

You can only do one or two layers of subtasks, usually hardcoded like: Epics have Tasks which have checkmark Lists, and only the task appears in the kanban board.

There’s no outline view, only task view. You can’t see the forest for the trees.

Dependencies do exist, using tags like “blocked by”, but that tag is not automated to clear based on another task’s status.

Puzzled slightly by this in that you’ve clearly found OF and its forum: it can certainly do what you’re asking for unless I’ve misunderstood something. Create a nested outline as complex as you like then select a perspective that only shows available tasks. You will see those tasks that are actionable in that they don’t have blocking sub tasks. If we’ve misunderstood let us know!

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