Is there a reason why my Flagged view isn’t showing any tasks?

Is there a reason why the tasks are showing up empty in the flagged view?

Ok I tried a few combinations. Looks like I was confused which context the task was and that it showed all the context’s.

Maybe we only show the context’s that actually have flagged tasks in it? Or indicate which of the contexts has tasks as I had to go to each one of them to see the flagged task in them. Maybe by context text or some other way.

Also it would be good to have a message in the blank box in the center, something that says “No tasks”.

A fun fact would be kind of interesting as well:)

As I figure you know, you’re not seeing flagged tasks because you don’t have any flagged errands. If you have flagged items without a context, or flagged items in the “home” context, they won’t be shown.

This confused me until I figured it out, and it still trips me up a bit. The view retains the selections in the sidebar across switches from one tab to another; what’s happening is not necessarily what I want. The default I think should be to show all tasks in the “flagged” view by default, and only “focus” if you actually select a context in the sidebar.

This tip might help: clicking on a tab when it’s already active will reset its sidebar selection.

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That does help. It’s still not exactly what I want, but it’s better. Thanks Ken.

[quote=“kcase, post:4, topic:137, full:true”]
This tip might help: clicking on a tab when it’s already active will reset its sidebar selection.
[/quote]So if the sidebar selection is an important part of the perspective, and I accidentially click the tab twice, how do I get back to the default view for the perspective then? I can choose another perspective and go back, but that feels so awkward.

Part of the reason I said “reset the selection” rather than “clear the selection” was specifically to leave room for this: it would definitely be reasonable for a custom perspective to reset its selection to its default state rather than clearing it.

(But obviously it doesn’t do that at this moment.)

That sounds great, thanks

So is there anyway to view all your flagged items in any context? That’s the basic function I’m expecting here. Without it, flagged has very little utility.