Is there a reason why my iPad does not display custom perspectives the same way as on the iPhone?

When I synced my iPad to the iPhone, it synced all the custom perspectives but they are all placed in the hidden section, and not arranged where they should be as on my iPhone. Is this correct behaviour?

The home screen arrangement is a per device setting, so yeah, what you’re seeing is the intended behavior.

Thanks. I wonder what the reason is for this. I would have thought it would make more sense to sync the arrangement too

We might use different settings for different devices. For example, my IPhone’s Today screen will show errands because I will refer to it while driving outside.

On my Mac and iPad, I have the Today screen set to show Office and Mac tags.

You can also set a different Forecast tag to each device.

Each device is used differently. That’s why there are different settings and their own arrangements.


Ah i see. I think there should be an option in settings to keep display arrangements the same across devices. For me personally I a consistent across all my devices. Particularly as my muscle memory will then have to adapt each time if I were to display them differently across each device.