Is there a shortcut to complete a task on OmniPlan for Mac

Hi, is there a keyboard shortcut to complete a task in OmniPlan for Mac? Currently I have to go to Task Info tab and fill in 100% in completed field. It’s a lot of actions to take when you do it for several tasks, it would be great if there was a keyboard shortcut for that.

@alexbush It sounds like OmniPlan’s “Catch-Up to Date” feature might speed up your workflow. This option can be accessed via the toolbar button, the Project menu in the menu bar, or view the keyboard shortcut (Option-Command-u). Catch-Up can be used to mark the selected tasks (or all tasks in your project) complete up to today’s date.

Does this help?

Hi @ains, this isn’t exactly what I’m looking for because I sometimes need to do that for sometimes for tasks that are after today’s date

@alexbush Ah, that makes sense! In that case, using a keyboard shortcut to mark a task complete does sound like the best workflow for you. The keyboard shortcut to mark the selected task complete in OmniPlan is option+ (or option= on a keyboard without a dedicated + key). Hope this helps!


nice! this is exactly what I needed! thank you!

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@ains Where are these keyboard shortcuts documented? I can’t find it in the official keyboard shortcut list. By accident I found incremental completion is Ctrl+=. I’d like to know the complete set of shortcuts for increasing / decreasing the completeness level.

All of this options should really:

  1. At the very least be documented in the keyboard shortcuts
  2. Preferably be found in the menus somewhere so you can quickly look them up through menu search (Cmd+?)
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Sorry, it looks like we haven’t fully document this shortcut set! The shortcuts for marking a task 0% or 100% complete are mentioned in our manual here:

However, the manual doesn’t note that holding control instead of option allows you to increment completion by 10% instead of 100%.

As there is no menu item for updating task completion, it doesn’t make much sense to mention these shortcuts in that section of our manual. They should definitely be added to the Keyboard Shortcuts list though! I’ll let our documentation team know that it they are currently missing from this list, and that the manual’s description of this functionality is incomplete.

@ains Could you please post the keyboard shortcuts for OmniFocus currently documented in Omni’s Customer Support resources? That would help until someone gets around to revising the manual.

What is Option+ a shortcut for? I can’t find what menu command it maps to.