Is there a way for Forecast calendar events to clean up the same way between Mac and iOS?

Is there an option to stop the Interleaved entries disappearing from forecast on OF osx, to keep the behaviour in line with my iPhone OF?

Sorry for the confusion! We debuted this Forecast cleanup feature in OmniFocus 3.1 for Mac. Our current plans are to make that behavior consistent across platforms, so you can expect the iOS app to offer a similar cleanup experience with future updates.

We don’t have any plans to roll the Mac app back from this change, but if you (or anyone else reading this thread) are specifically requesting a way to make calendar events exempt from cleanup on all platforms, please email us at and we can get a feature request filed for future consideration.


Thank you for your prompt reply and super answer! I kind of thought the functionality in question would come as part of updates but was wondering if an option to leave the calendar dates on all day would be beneficial to other users. My particular use-case for OF3 kind of relies on seeing important cal dates remain on the Forecast but it isn’t a huge issue. I’ll see how I manage then decide to email a feature request.

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