Is there a way to alphebetize projects in list view?

My projects in the drop down list on the side panel aren’t alphabetical. Is there a way to have these appear alphabetically?

alphebetize omnifocus

That list follows the order of your projects in the Projects perspective. So unless you re-alphabetise your projects there, I don’t know of any way to sort that projects pop-over list.

The way I alphabetize is to go to the Projects perspective, select the project in the left sidebar. The main outline view (the large center panel) will show my next actions. I select all the tasks in the project and then go to:

Menu bar > Organize > Sort Once > By Name

It’s not automatic but perhaps a Keyboard Macro + AppleScript will help automate it?

How do I alphabetize projects?

You can sort using the method @wilsonng wrote about above.