Is there a way to change the line spacing between paragraphs


Does anyone know of a way to change the line spacing between paragraphs in OO? In other words have a default 6 points of space or so after using the return key.


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“Row padding”, in the Inspector?

Hi and thanks for the reply! I think I ws a bit unclear though what i meant. I ment specifically the spacing between paragraphs within a row. Not between the rows. We´re looking into using OO to present information to clients and therefore these small things become important… Any thought on that?

Paragraph spacing is not accessible in v4 but you can work around it if you just need one or a couple different values.
You can create a named style with a paragraph spacing by:

  • In TextEdit, add some text and set the paragraph spacing you want
  • Copy that text and paste it into an OmniOutliner document
  • Select part of the text that you pasted and view the Style Attributes inspector (the last tab on the right of the inspector)
  • You’ll see an entry that says “paragraph spacing: XX” You can click and drag that value to add it to a named style.
    You can in turn create a template with the named style saved that you use for these documents so it’s always there to use.

I’m not seeing the “Styles Attribute” inspector or anything that says “paragraph spacing: XX” in OmniGraffle 7. Can you provide a screenshot?

This thread is in the OmniOutliner category and does not apply to OmniGraffle.

In OmniGraffle, while editing text, the Ruler (cmd-R) will have a Spacing menu. If you select the Other option from the menu, the setting for paragraph spacing will appear. If you need more assistance, please post in the OmniGraffle forum. Thanks!