Is there a way to copy preferences between Macs? [A: file feat requests.]

I’m running OF2 on a computer at home and another at work. OmniSync Server keeps the data synced, but if I make a change in the layout of one - say, changing which icons are on the toolbar - is there some way to have that change reflected on the other computer?

Would copying the .plist file do this?

Which plist are you referring to? It’s true that OmniFocus maintains a lot of its display preferences using the system preferences daemon (cfprefsd), which uses plists to store preferences as an implementation detail. It’s generally unsafe to just copy those plists around, though – the preferences daemon on each machine may not notice the plist change, and might actually overwrite your updated settings with old ones or behave otherwise unpredictably.

Unfortunately, I think the safest way to keep preferences in sync is to do it manually on each machine. You’re welcome to request that particular settings be synced, though – send us an email!

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Got it - thanks.

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Do custom perspectives and other customizations get stored in prefs? Might this be “syncable” via Omni sync in the future so carefully set up prefs aren’t list when switching machines etc? Which prefs are essential?