Is there a way to create a perspective for tasks with attachments?

I was trying to see if there was a way to find all the tasks that attachments. I can’t figure out that from the Perspectives menu in OF2 for Mac.

Thanks, David

@dsmccormick In Omnifocus 2 you can open the full attachment list by selecting ‘Window’ - ‘Attachment List’. Is this what you are after?
A window opens containing all tasks with attachments and then you can click on each one of interest and it will open in the correct screen for you.

@revstu Thanks for pointing out how the attachment window works. I didn’t realize that double-clicking on an attachment would bring you to the project and item. That’s very useful. OF is such a rich program, I can’t seem to know all the things that were baked in.

Many thanks and happy holidays.

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@dsmccormick I have used Omnifocus for years and I am still learning! I still love this app because it is so flexible, so useful, so capable & reliable that the others are poor relatives. Just wait to you get to writing your own bespoke templates with Editorial.