Is there a way to edit the notes of multiple tasks simultaneously?

Based on the way I organize my tasks, I commonly need to duplicate note information across tasks in different projects. However, this can be a pain having to go to each individual note and paste in the information. Is there any way for me to select all the relevant notes and append the information all at one time. If not, anyone know of a script that can do this?


UPDATE: I don’t know AppleScript, but I know JavaScript and it turns out I can just write the script in that.

Here is a gist of the script if anyone is interested:

Just copy and paste this in the Apple Script editor, hit the compile (hammer icon) and save it. Make sure to append .scpt to the end and then move it into the omnifocus folder or wherever you keep your scripts. I’m going to make a clear notes and append notes script soon. Right now, if you select a task that already has notes, it will overwrite them.

UPDATE 2: I changed the code slightly so it appends to the note to the tasks and doesn’t overwrite whatever notes exist there already.

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