Is there a way to exclude a folder from forecast view?

Is there a way to exclude a folder from forecast view?

I have a checklists folder that I use to keep actions for routines that I don’t want to bog down my other views, so I refer to them from other places. I don’t want to see these in forecast view as it’s way too overwhelming. Thanks!

You may want to consider discontinuing the use of Due Dates on your routine-oriented Tasks and Projects. (Unless they have actual calendar-worthy due dates).

Another method would be to Defer your routines for x period of time to temporarily hide them from Forecast view.

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You could also “focus” on all folders/projects EXCEPT the one you want to ignore and then return to forecast view.

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I use defer dates rather than due dates for these tasks. I have the prompt to run the routine (e.g. “Do weekly review”) set to defer and repeat weekly.

But I have the routine itself in a checklist folder that repeats every minute and is always available. I guess one workaround I’ve seen is to have the checklists have an “on hold” status. But it would be more elegant if I could just exclude the folder

Thanks, @psidnell, that could work! I wonder if I can save that as a perspective . . .

Sadly I don’t think that’s possible, it would be nice though!

But it is something that’s easy to do with automation on the Mac and in the beta on iOS: ofplugins/focus.js at master · psidnell/ofplugins · GitHub

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