Is there a way to get and/or edit link title and url from OO row?

I want to extract link information from OmniOutliner. Does anybody know how to do that?


Not an expert, but here’s a very useful start I got from support. In particular the second bullet sounds like it might help you. (Personally, I’d like to be able to open all web links in the selected rows.)

Here’s what they said:

'm afraid help writing Applescripts is beyond the scope of what we are able to assist with as a support team. While I’m trying to learn some, I personally don’t have any experience writing Applescripts. That said we want try to help whenever possible. One of our engineers had a moment to give me a couple tips that hopefully can help you out:

  • First you can open a link using Applescript with the following line:

                tell application "System Events" to open location ""
  • To have the Applescript find the links in your document you can do:

                value of attribute "link" of style of every attribute run of MyText 

The non-link spans of text should return “” for their ranges, but the other should return strings for the URL for that span.

Thank you for this… I will translate it to JXA and try it out.