Is there a way to have a repeating task that doesn't appear in a perspective until a certain time?

There are things I do each day that I don’t want to add to my calendar and would rather see in my Today perspective. Some of them aren’t needed until the evening. Is there a way to defer it daily and keep it from appearing until the set time?

Check out the Defer settings on an action. I think setting that to the time you want it to appear should solve your issue.

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Yes thank you! I also had to make sure the repeating option was set to Assigned Dates. Awesome!

What wfiveash said (excellent answer), plus…

Even if you set the date and/or time to the future, a task may still show. This is controlled by the perspective’s Availability filter. If the filter is set to “Remaining” then a task with a future date or time will show in the perspective, but will be gray. But if the filter is set to “Available” then tasks deferred to the future do not appear at all. (Happily, you can change the filter on the fly in the Perspectives sheet.)

To see the Perspectives sheet, choose Perspectives > Show Perspectives.

The above applies to custom perspectives. The filter appears slightly different in the built-in filters, like Projects and Flagged. There, the filter values are still essentially the same as I described.

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Yes, all of my perspectives are set to Available so that wasn’t an issue. It really came down to the repeating option, which is the part of OF I think about least haha. All set!

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