Is there a way to link to an iCloud file?

Hi I wonder if there is a way to link to an iCloud file (e.g. Pages document) in the notes section of a project. It would be used as a reference only. I don’t want to duplicate information if it already exists in a file, but just would like to be able to quickly link to the current file.

You can do this with an Evernote note but can’t find how to do it to a Pages file.

Many thanks

There are a couple of quick ways to link to a file in the notes section.

  1. ‘Attach File…’: Right-click in the notes field and select Attach File…. By default it will attach the file, but you select Create a link to the file to avoid embedding the file.
  2. Drag and drop: Dragging a file from Finder into the notes field will create a link by default. (Hold down the option key to embed the file instead.)

Both of these methods work with any file in Finder, including iCloud Drive files.

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@nostodnayr I just tried the drag and drop method. It doesn’t appear to be creating a link.

  • When I drag in it embeds a copy of the file
  • When I drag in and hold command it embeds a copy of the file
  • When I drag and hold option it focuses Finder so that OmniFocus is no longer visible and if I drop into Finder it creates a duplicate file.

However the Attach File > Create a link to the file trick does work for me. I will use it in the future. :)

Great, I just did the Attach File trick again and it actually seems to crash my entire OmniFocus and the task was lost completely. :(

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