Is there a way to "lock" the text at print boundaries?

I am using the latest version of OmniOutliner 4 and I would love to have the boundaries of my text match what it will look like when I print it. Right now I have to constantly hit CMD+P to get any sense of what my OmniOutliner document will look like when printed, but there has to be a better way, right? Is there a way to see that when I am working on the document, so I can have an idea of where the text lines will wrap when printed?

Thanks so much!


Is this a single column document you’re working with? There’s slightly different behavior when using just a single column document but what you probably want to do is turn off the ‘Scale to fit page width’ option in the print settings. With that off, you’ll see a dashed vertical red line while resizing the window/column width that indicates page breaks. Single column documents will always wrap to the page width even if you make your window really wide but if you want the text wrapping shown on screen to match the wrapping of the printout, you’ll need to set the column width to the first dashed line.

Thanks Derek!

I did see that line when I resized the window, which helped, but let me check the “Scale to fit page width” setting that you mentioned. Thanks for responding.