Is there a way to ’make new task from selected text’?

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Is there not a smart way to ’make new task from selected text’?


In earlier versions there was in the top-menu bar a widget for fast entries - now gone?

Any assistance would be greatly appreciated!

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Omar KN

I don’t recall a macOS menu bar widget in OF1. Do you mean something in the OF toolbar?

You can do what you want using macOS services using the directions from the OF manual. Look for the heading “Clippings.”

I also use a 3rd party application called PopClip. Allows you to do lots of things with selected text.


Ditto. PopClip does the job for all sorts of applications.

@TheWart @revstu Of course, this is perfect! Thanks.

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System preferences > Keyboard > Services > Check “Omnifocus 2: Send to Inbox.” The selected text with appear in both the Action title and the note, so if it’s lengthy, you can replace the title and still have the text in the note.

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Thank you! Very useful & PopClip is fast!

/ okn

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@okn it has a whole lot of uses - one of the best wee helper apps for Mac!

Would Keyboard Maestro help with this?

Maybe, but ”Send to Inbox” or even better ”PopClip” are pretty amazing!

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Omar KN
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