Is there a way to move/add tag to the 1st position in batches?

I feel like this is an easy fix but I can’t figure it out. I want particular tags to be in the first position so they are used to create the order in my custom Today perspective. Since there isn’t a way (yet) to pick and choose which tags within the same task can be viewed, adding the most important ones to the beginning has been a helpful workaround.

But I don’t know how to take a batch of tasks and move the tag where I want it on a Mac. I can do it individually on iPad (not on Mac), but not in bulk. When I highlight several tasks on Mac, I can see the tag and I know it wants to move where I want it lol But it seems frozen. Suggestion?

It’s not possible in the UI to move tags on a selection of multiple actions. I asked about it when OF3 was released, and an Omni developer confirmed it wasn’t supported.

You could use the following Automation plug-in by @kaitlin to reorder the tags according to your preferences. One thing to be aware of is that OF3 doesn’t provide an API method for this, so the plug-in needs to remove the tags and reapply them; this will update the timestamp in the actions’ ‘Changed’ attribute.

What I’d prefer is for OF to automatically arrange tags in the order of the tag hierarchy. It would make things more efficient, since I can’t imagine a situation where I want them to be arranged in a different order.

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I would also prefer this.

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Thank you for this. I like having the option to place the tags wherever I want, but it’s mildly irritating that I can’t simply click and drag. Thanks again.

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