Is there a way to resize colums?

Context and dates are packed up on the right of the window, and I never use due dates, only deferred dates.
WHat end up happening is if the context is longer (not huge, but 15 characters long) it pushes the dates out and I no longer have access to the deferred date field.
Is there a way to get access to column width and customize it ?

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Are you using version 1 of the app? If so, look at the top of each column where it places a title. There should be a thin bar that you can grab after the mouse pointer changes to the sideways arrow.

Does that help?

No, not in OF2. That’s one of the regressions.

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I don’t really consider it a “regression.” It’s a design change, and OF2 doesn’t use columns. It’s not an outliner ;-)

I posted on OF2 forum :-) So that’s about OF 2

Well, if that’s not a regression, maybe someone in UI design might find a way to size what is not a column to kinda display what’s in it and not leave a huge blank somewhere else :-)


Can you share some screenshots? I have a context that is 15 characters long with one space in the middle and I am not having the trouble you describe.

Vertical stacks of the same information isn’t a column? That’s an interesting view.