Is there a way to show the top level task name for a given sequential item?

I have a set of tasks in this hierarchy:

Project Name
-Task 1
-Task 2
-Sequential sub-project name
–Task 3
–Task 4
–Task 5

I want to complete Task 3 today so assign a due date

It shows up in my today perspective but without clicking though to ‘show in projects’ I can’t see the ’ Sequential sub-project name’ so it’s sometimes hard to know what the task is at a glance.

For example if the sub project was:

Arrange a project meeting about X
-Call Person A to check their availability
-Call Person B to check their availability
-Call Person C to check their availability
-Schedule Meeting

All I can see in my perspective is ‘Call Person A to check their availability’ without the context of knowing it’s regarding the meeting about X.

I might have 5 items to ‘Call Person A’ in a single project and without knowing which sub project it is part of I’m finding that I’m having to jump into the project from the perspective a lot.

Is there any way to make this easier?


In custom perspectives, you can select ‘Group and sort: Entire Projects’. Then all the parent actions of the actions returned by the perspective will be shown. Everything inside each project is displayed in the original project order.

In customer perspectives that slice through your projects and apply a sort order, with ‘Group and sort: Individual Actions’, you don’t have the context of the parent actions. You have three pieces of information to work with: the name of the action, the name of its project, and its tags. I recommend making sure each action is sufficiently described by these 3 pieces of information.

So in your example you could add ‘…about X project meeting’ to each action name, or add a ‘X project meeting’ tag, but the most obvious change to me is to restructure your projects to make use of the project hierarchy. ‘Arrange a project meeting about X’ is a well-defined outcome and so could be made its own Project. This project name would be displayed next to each ‘Call Person…’ action in “slicing” perspectives.

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I try to make my task titles as descriptive as possible. If the child task shows up in a perspective, I will know what it is by looking at just the title. I won’t need to look up the parent.

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