Is there any way to change sync frequency?

I’d like to be able to use OmniFocus as a receptacle for stuff that I send via IFTTT. But the manual says that it only syncs every hour if no changes have been made locally. Is there any way to change this?

Also, is there any way to have OmniFocus send notifications when there are new items in the Inbox? If not, I’d like to propose this for consideration as a new feature.

Yep. Put any of these links somewhere on a web page that you can access:

To sync every 5 minutes:

To sync every 10 minutes:

To sync every 15 minutes:

To sync every 30 minutes:

To reset sync:

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Thanks! FWIW, I asked, in another post, if there were a master list of these URLs… Having to store them myself seems a bit illogical.

You can go to my site if you wish: OmniFocus sync settings

This page is nothing but links to changing OF sync intervals and works with OS X and iOS.

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Great, thanks. If I can find a list of all the URLs, I’ll put one on my server.


Hi, are these global changes or do they only alter the preferences for OF on the Mac?