Is there better logic available in OF4 perspectives?

I find the available allowed logic, particularly with regard to deadlines and start dates, in OF3 perspectives, very limiting. For instance, there’s no way to create a perspective limited to things that are due or start within a particular timeframe, such as a week, or next month. As far as I can tell, the only thing you can do is order items by when they are due or start or change the “Due Soon” parameter within preferences.

I’m curious whether this is improved in OF4? Are there more options for the perspective filtering in OF4 or is it the same as OF3?

They’ve indicated more perspective options are planned for OF4 point releases. OF4 looks like it will ship with the same perspective options at the 4.0 release.

The date-relative filters are wanted very much by a lot of us!

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Nice! Glad to hear that.

The date Function that I would like to see is the “DO” Date so that I could schedule my work. Using a combination of Due and Defer is too cumbersome.