Is Using the Ipad version only feasible

I know I have seen this question asked before, but everyone that I could find had access to a Mac somewhere and I don’t have access to any apple products except the Ipad.

I use Windows both at home and at work. I have an android phone, but I have an IPAD with a bluetooth keyboard.

I bought the ipad version of Omnifocus a couple of years ago, but didn’t really get it set up and then started using another system for gtd. The other system sent out a message that they were closing down so I went searching for another solution. I really like the idea of parallel / sequential / single task projects. I haven’t been able to find this in the other systems. I have been using a web based product which now says they are good for another couple of years, but it scared me when they announced the shutdown. I installed Todoist which works on all platforms I use, but it doesn’t seem to let you control many of the things OF can.

So in a nutshell I want to know whether it is feasible to use OF only on the IPad. I know I would want to upgrade to 2.0 and would get the pro version free since I have V1. I can use Siri to input some of my tasks on the ipad. I also know I can capture on my android phone by emailing to the Omni sync server. I can forward emails from Outlook on Windows the same way, but I would have to do all task management on the ipad.

Is guess I’m wondering whether this will get old over time and I will miss being able to just key things into the computer instead of switching to the ipad all the time.

iOS9 will have better keyboard support with the ability to use command key shortcuts. I’m looking forward to that feature to use in my iPad.

The Pro upgrade is a lifesaver with the ability to create custom perspectives that can be placed on the OmniFocus Home Screen.

I have been able to use OmniFocus 2 on my iPad for 70% of my work. Probably another 15% of my OmniFocus 2 usage is on my iPhone when I am out on the field. Then the remaining 15% is used on my Mac when I am actually sitting at my desk.

The only things that I can’t do on my iPad is archiving completed tasks to a backup file and batch editing of multiple tasks.

It might be worthwhile to get the iPad Air 2 because iOS 9 will have split screen capabilities. The rumoured iPad Mini 4 may also have split screen capabilities. The older iPads (the iPad Air 1st generation and earlier) won’t be able to use iOS 9 split screen function.

OmniFocus 2 for iOS has definitely shifted me away from my desk to my iPad in my workflow.


Thanks for the response. I already have the IPAD Air 2 and yes, I can’t wait for IOS 9! I didn’t know about the key shortcuts. I would love for OF to add the ability to tab between fields when processing an action via the keyboard instead of having to touch the screen.

I don’t spend much time out in the field, so I think I could capture the rare idea that pops up on my Android phone.

I’m a little concerned about having to go over to the ipad at work all the time, but I can have them side by side on my desk.

The archive does concern me a little as I would expect that the file would grow large over time. I hope they add the ability to archive to the ipad version in the future… maybe send it to Itunes on the pc. All of the industry standard programs that I use at work are Windows based so I have no interest in ever getting a MAC.

There is an article that talks about physical bluetooth keyboards used in iOS 9.

Yes, I understand the platform desire to stick with one platform over another. OmniFocus 2 for iOS has become the main platform for my OmniFocus workflow. I don’t rely on my desktop Mac as much anymore.

In the Settings screen, we can gauge the size of the Omnifocus 2 database. It will show the number of projects, actions, and zip files that the current database has.

If you sync your OmniFocus 2 app to Omni’s Sync Server, that should give you some form of backup. If you lose your iPad, you can always sync the data to another iPad and retrieve your OmniFocus database.

@ediventurin probably has all kinds of thoughts about this :)


I am using my iPad for OF 90% of the time. At work we have Windows so I’m switching often between the PC and my iPad, and I don’t feel that’s a problem.
I’d say it surely is feasable.

Well, I pretty much agree with @wilsonng, specially on this part below…

I would just add that…
… batch editing is huge, a real miss.
… email integration. Much easier on the Mac, despite the email client you use.

Thanks for mentioning me @deturbulence

Side note: iOS 9 will probably make me replace my iPad 3 :-/

In my personal experience, there are two serious issues with iPad-only usage:

  1. Adding new items in the middle of project is a nightmare
  2. There’s no windows that I’m so used to in OS X version. Anything that goes beyond a single project is extremely effort-consuming: every switch of current view takes half to a full minute.

I too am in your situation. I just changed to a new job that requires the use of a PC laptop. My previous position I was able to use my macbook for work. I tried using another program as a task manager (workflowy), but unfortunately I keep going back to Omnifocus. I am now going to have to rely on my personal iPad and personal/work iPhone 6 to accomplish task management daily thru Omnifocus. I think it will be OK but have the same reservations as those mentioned above. I would love to see more gestures for deferring, etc. to speed up workflows. I will report back in a few months to see how the original poster is doing with this as well as give my two cents! One note: I will have the added benefit of using my macbook at home in case my tasks get unwieldy while only using iOS all week!

I’m in the same camp - Windows PCs at work, have to rely on my iPhone/iPad when it comes to OF (most of the times it’s the iPhone as I don’t want to carry yet another device with me). There are two tricks to make life easier with the mobile versions:

  • I enter new tasks via iCloud reminders (web) => this way I can use the regular keyboard (speed) as well as to copy & paste any relevant information
  • Navigation is so much quicker using search. I rely on it A LOT because it makes me reach the project of my interest so much faster and basically from any context (just search for ‘Remaining’). One caveat with the iPhone version though - it does not list folders in search results! I really can’t get why, especially that they are shown as expected on the iPad…
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