Issue with Sequential Action Groups inside the Projects Perspective when viewing only available actions


Okay, so I have a Sequential Project… underneath there are individual Actions, as well as both Sequential Action Groups and Parallel Action Groups. It mostly works like a charm, but one quirk that’s giving me some concern is that checking the Status Circle on the Parent Action of a Sequential Action Group causes all of the Child Actions to also be marked as complete without ever revealing them. Instead, the next non-Child Action or Action Group is revealed. Un-checking the parent doesn’t resolve this, as the still-hidden children remain marked as complete and never appear. Instead, I seem to be required to change views to show All Actions, un-check the children, and then switch back to Available Actions view. I’m concerned that I may one day miss my mistake and keep moving ahead in the project until it’s too late.

My current work-around is simply to have all Action Groups be parallel, which ensures that all the children are visible to me in case I mistakenly tick the parent, but I’m wondering if there’s a better way? I’ve been using the Parent Actions as more of a headline for the children below, and don’t really wish for them to be clickable—is there a way to set this up? Or is it possible to have the children in a Sequential Action Group be revealed if the parent is checked?

Any way around this which allows me to keep some Action Groups as sequential would be great!

Thank you