Issues with MacOS OmniGraffle document on iPadOS

I created a new document on OmniGraffle Pro for Mac version 7.23 (v205.45.15). The document has several layers with text.

I saved the document to Dropbox, and opened it with OmniGraffle Pro for iPad version 3.20 Pro (v206.7.21).

The layers have been flipped so that all the text appears as if in a mirror. Also, the layers have been rotated 180 degrees, so the “top” is at the “bottom”.

I close the file on the iPad and re-open on the Mac, and it appears “normal”.

I have no idea why this is happening or how to avoid it. I hope it’s something simple I can do differently to avoid this, rather than an OmniGraffle defect. As it is, this makes iPad OmniGraffle basically unusable.

Any ideas for things I can try?



I’m afraid this sounds like an OmniGraffle bug, though I don’t think it affects every image or we would have heard quite a few complaints about it! I’m hopeful that it’s one that can be quickly tracked down and fixed.

Could you email a sample document demonstrating the issue to the OmniGraffle support team at so we can investigate? That would be very helpful!

Thank you Ken. I sent the problematic document via email, as requested.

For anyone else following along, this issue was accidentally introduced in OmniGraffle for iOS v3.20 (released June 18), and thanks to @jwarthman’s report it was fixed in last week’s v3.20.1 update (released July 1).

That was certainly a fast fix - thank you!!