Issues with the new forum - and how to report them

Hello team Omni,

Thrilled that the OF2 preview testing has resumed! The latest looks much improved, glad to get another chance to review it - and the experience (so far) is a good one. Thanks!

However, the experience with the new forum is anything but good. Navigating is agonizingly difficult (clicking any navigation link takes at least 30 seconds - and sometimes longer - to even load the page). Overall performance is generally poor. I accept that this is a new forum, however could it not have been tested before we were forcibly moved here?

If things do not improve, can we possibly move back to the old forum? That worked well, I honestly am not sure what you hoped to achieve with the new version. Hopefully, in time, that intent will become clearer.

Regardless, the latest build of OF2 looks to be quite good. And thanks again for it.


We did test the forum internally, but obviously things are not performing well today. We hope to get this resolved quickly; for the time being I’m sorry for the inconvenience.

(and if you have bugs to report or features to request, we’d love to hear from you via email anyway)

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@dave, thanks for the quick reply. Should we use the ofpreview address to report issues with the forum? Or is there another address you would prefer that we use?


I don’t think we need any reports of forum issues today (the performance issues seem pretty evident). If performance returns but you have other issues, feel free to post them in this Meta subtopic.

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@dave, Got it - thought your “we’d love to hear from you via email” comment was in reference to concerns related to the forum (since it’s here in the “meta” topic). No worries, I will definitely use ofpreview as needed for OF2 bug reports and feature requests.


Seems fine today! Does this forum have a “close” feature? If so, you can close this report. Thanks! :smile:

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